Offerings & Benefits

  • We provide our applications as a product as well as a solution and hosted solution
  • We provide flexible options for licensing
    •         By Users
    •         By Membership Volume (PMPM)
    •         One time sale
  • Licensing cost for our Product lines are the lowest in the industry
  • Our Products and Solutions are updated ahead of schedule for all major industry updates
  • All our solutions are built on the latest technologies, and periodically upgraded to newer one.

Our Features

Common Features of EHS

Traceability & Visibility

Full Audit Trails, No Hard Deletions, Complete Role based Controls. Fully customizable Role based dashboard for high visibility.

Reusable Components

Fully developed with highly reusable components through out the system which will reduce Maintenance & Programming Costs.

Process Oriented

Our entire system is developed and modularized based on common business process used in the industry to cover maximum efficiency.

Automated Workflows

Workflows are highly automated through out the system, Workflow Management engine is highly reusable and fully configurable by users.

Highly Configurable UIs

Over 80% of Screens Labels can be changed or customized by end users without programming.

Editing & Auditing

EHS has complete editing and auditing capability for any forms of automated transaction processing. Its robust framework supports easy customization and achieve maximum automation.

Transaction Processing

EHS provides workflow options for managing transactions which bypass automated processing due to Editing or Auditing process. Also provides options for manual overriding or waiving application of business rules etc.

Profile Management

EHS’s Profile Management module is a very robust, highly configurable with minimum or no programming, and RBAC can be applied at utmost detail level.

Reusable Processes

Most commonly used processes can be automated by our highly configurable process definitions. Some examples are: Approval Process, Documentation Management Process & Workflow Assignment Process.


EHS is designed to work for all size Medicaid Plans, it will automatically scale up when ever there is need like acceptance of Federal funding for ACA.

Technology Approach

  • ASP.NET Core
  • Microsoft Identity Framework
  • ASP.NET Core Web API
  • Entity Framework
  • SignalR

Security Consideration

EHS adheres to the industry standard security practices and patterns.
EHS offers ADSI integration or custom authentication process, along with industry standard other authentication process.
EHS offers both role based & claims based authorization.
EHS offers configurable data protection feature with policies, key management and core cryptography.
EHS prevents any known security threats
  • SQL/Script Injection
  • Enforcing SSL
  • Anti-Request Forgery
  • Open Redirect Attack
  • Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
  • Denial-of-Service (DOS)
  • Enabling Cross-Origin Requests (CORS)
EHS prevents any known security threats
  • OAuth 2.0
  • Windows Authentication and ADSI Integration
  • SQL Server TDE (Transparent Data Encryption) is supported
  • Protecting Data in Transit and at Rest

Cloud Service

EHS as a Service – On The Cloud

EHS as Product is compatible with cloud architecture

Gain operational efficiencies without re-architecting your applications by moving them to cloud using infrastructure as a service

Connect on-premises to the cloud with VPN or over the internet

The applications in the cloud and on-premises can securely communicate and exchange data

EHS’s features can be subscribed as a service, caters from single module to whole product

Cloud Benefits

  • Ability to Scale on Demand
  • Flexibility
  • High Availability
  • Always up to date with technology and software
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Resource & Infrastructure sharing cost benefits
  • Easy Upgrades
  • Extend your existing IT
  • Government Specific Cloud Service

Cloud Security

Cloud provides Managing and controlling identity and user access to the EHS environments, data and applications by multi factor authentication for more secure sign-in.

Government Cloud

The cloud platform designed to meet US government demands
  • Physical and logical network-isolated instances
  • Dedicated to US government with all data, applications, and hardware residing in the continental United States
  • Broad range of compliance certifications critical to US government
  • US datacenters located more than 500 miles apart, providing true geographic redundancy
  • Support for hybrid scenarios, as well as a vast array of services
  • Part of the complete Microsoft Cloud for Government solution

Why are we different???

  • We reduce the development and implementation efforts by 30% in comparison to other players in the industry
  • We use tools for documentation to reduce the redundancy and improve the delivery quality and reduce manual intervention for maintenance and management
  • Our solutions are event driven, industry standard is task driven solution.
  • Our solution is built with blocks of individual components, which follows the principles of low coupling and high cohesion and uniformity across the system, hence maintenance and changes are very simple and cost effective.