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The manufacturing practice focuses on high-end consulting and on delivering IT-based solutions to a wide spectrum of continuous process and discrete manufacturing industries globally. The thrust is on developing solutions and services that help companies improve their operations in today's 'e-Manufacturing'paradigm, leveraging the power of the Internet to drive improved efficiencies across the value stream of the enterprise.


As the automotive industry starts its second century, it is dominated by a handful of large players. The mergers, spin-offs, consolidation and record sales volume over the last five years have created unprecedented size. But they have not created a sustainable model for long-term shareholder value.


Our extensive knowledge of IBM Workplace, Information Management and WebSphere technologies combined with Retail industry experience can help Retailers in obtaining a more thorough understanding of

Customer demand
Better demand forecasting
Elimination of stock-outs
Shorter lead time for new products
Optimized used of retail space
A unified experience between on-line and in-store shopping
More efficient logistics and a more responsive value chain.


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