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Process Management

In order to move an organization into  SBPM  a number of strategic and planning activities  need to take place. BPM activities include understand and  mapping the current business processes, where necessary re-designing and/or consolidating the business processes,  implementing the processes through BPM solution, and finally monitoring and continuously optimizing the performance of the process.


BPM software and services help organizations optimize business performance by discovering, documenting, automating, and continuously improving business processes to increase efficiency and reduce costs.


BPM life cycle -

Business process managment processes through the following life cycle. Model, simulate, execute, change, monitor and optimization

Business Process Management Software, supported through a service-oriented architecture, enables     business agility, allowing a company to rapidly respond to         changing market conditions by changing and building business processes and policies.


Given the above business benefits, it is no surprise that companies are adopting SOA widely.      According to Gartner Research, Service-oriented architecture (SOA) will be used in more than 50 percent of new      mission-critical operational applications and business processes designed in 2007 and in more than 80 percent by 2010.



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