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SOA Practice

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is a business-centric IT architectural approach that supports integrating your business as linked, repeatable business tasks, or services. With the Smart SOA approach, you can find value at every stage of the SOA continuum, from departmental projects to enterprise-wide initiatives.


Globally integrated - Smart SOA approach

It's smart to be ready for growth. It's smart to anticipate your future business needs. Meet new and changing customer demands. Compete in a global marketplace. Realize the benefits of innovative business models and new technologies.

Smart SOA business offerings can help get you there by taking an industry-focused and holistic approach to operations that provide business value at every stage of the continuum, from basic to advanced initiatives.


Glimpse the future of your industry in the next decade and beyond.

To become a globally integrated enterprise, start by defining your winning innovative strategy then implement it. Use the right tools to optimize your business processes then refine them. Continuously. Improve your ability to make better business decisions, by monitoring key industry-specific metrics. Utilize SOA to continuously align your IT and business sides of the house and be prepared to be amazed at how it can put you ahead of the competition. And along the way, utilize the Smart SOA approach to continuously improve and optimize your business performance.


The SOA platform for business-process orchestration

Enables you to rapidly construct and deploy processes that can meet the goals of your business
Delivers one platform, one tool for end-to-end integration to provide service discovery, mediation and orchestration
Integrates more into your business processes by using Web services, application adapters and advanced     messaging capabilities
Supports comprehensive, human-centric business process and task management
Provides service -governance capabilities with dynamic runtime discovery and invocation of services
Offers advanceds administration and management features
Provides simplified tools to describe, create and manage business processes
Delivers high performance and quality of service with advanced fault-tolerance and error- detection     capabilities




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